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Prepare for Your Appointment

This page is designed to be printed out or screenshotted to help you prepare for your appointment.

To print:

  1. Click file in your browser and scroll down to "print" OR use your computer's keyboard shortcut (e.g., ⌘P)

  2. Manually check off list items as you complete them to ensure you come to your appointment prepared

To screenshot:

  1. Know whether you are viewing this site using a computer or a mobile device. Click the appropriate link for instructions on screenshotting on a Mac, PC, iPhone, or android.​​

  2. You can use a photos app to digitally markup your checklist (e.g., on iPhone), or simply reference your screenshots as you complete the checklist.

Complete the necessary xrays (if needed) and forms in your package, prior to your appointment

Confirm your appointment by calling the clinic a minimum of 2 weeks before your scheduled time 

We recommend that you bring a family member or other individual who will act as your primary support during your treatment and care

Plan to arrive 15 minutes early for your appointment

Remember to bring a piece of ID and your Alberta healthcare card 

Wear or bring a pair of shorts to change into for your appointment 

Bring a pen for health questionnaire and other possible forms

Bring your completed forms: Patient History (4 pages) and Hip and Knee Replacement Outcomes Tool form

Come prepared with your questions written down

Understand the possibility for students to see you. As an academic training center, we often have students and residents in our clinics with us.

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